Top 10 BS Programs After Intermediate in Pakistan

Top 10 BS Programs after intermediate in Pakistan

Are you a Pakistani student looking for the best Bachelor of Science (BS) programs after completing your intermediate education? You can stop looking! In this article, we will explore the super 10 BS programs available after widely appealing in Pakistan. We take care of you, from designing to software engineering, from business organization to medical services. Let’s discuss it in details.


Students in Pakistan have a wide range of options for undergraduate programs after completing their intermediate studies. You can gain access to opportunities for skill development and specialized knowledge in a variety of fields with a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. The main ten BS programs that Pakistani understudies are most intrigued by are the subject of this article.

BS Computer Science

Computer science is becoming an increasingly popular field of study in the digital age of today. A BS in Software engineering outfits understudies with the essential abilities to succeed in programming improvement, programming, man-made brainpower, and information examination. It offers assorted profession possibilities in both the corporate and pioneering areas.

BS Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. A BS in Electrical Engineering outfits students with solid areas for an in circuit design, power structures, broadcast correspondences, and control systems. It offers excellent career opportunities in telecommunications, energy, and manufacturing.

BS Mechanical Engineering

The creation, evaluation, and production of mechanical systems are the primary focuses of mechanical engineering. A BS in Mechanical Designing furnishes understudies with abilities in thermodynamics, liquid mechanics, strong mechanics, and machine plan. There are numerous career opportunities in this field in industries like energy, aerospace, and automotive.

BS Civil Engineering

The plan, development, and upkeep of foundation projects like structures, streets, extensions, and dams are all essential for structural designing. Understudies can find out about underlying examination, transportation designing, geotechnical designing, and ecological designing with a four year certification in structural designing. It offers lucrative career opportunities in the construction and development of infrastructure.

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BS Business Administration

Students who wish to pursue careers in management and business can earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration. This program covers topics like business venture, finance, marketing, and human resources. It plans understudies for powerful corporate positions and gives understudies a strong starting point for beginning their own organizations.

BS Accounting and Finance

A company’s success is directly related to accounting and financial management. A bachelor’s degree program in accounting and finance equips graduates with the knowledge and abilities required for managerial accounting, auditing, financial management, and financial accounting. In this field, there are astounding profession amazing open doors at worldwide enterprises, monetary organizations, and bookkeeping firms.

BS Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. A BS in Psychology provides students with a deeper understanding of human cognition, emotions, and behavior. This field offers diverse career options in areas such as clinical psychology, counseling, research, and human resources.

BS Medicine

Medicine is a highly respected and noble profession. Pursuing a BS in Medicine opens up opportunities for students to become doctors and serve the community by providing medical care. This program involves a comprehensive study of medical sciences, clinical skills, and patient care. Students can specialize in various medical disciplines after completing their BS.

BS Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a healthcare profession that involves the preparation, dispensing, and management of medications. A BS in Pharmacy program equips students with knowledge in pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacology, clinical pharmacy, and drug regulations. It offers career opportunities in community pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, and research institutions.


Choosing the right BS program after intermediate studies is crucial for a successful career path. In this article, we explored the top 10 BS programs available in Pakistan. From computer science to medicine, each program offers unique opportunities for personal and professional growth. Consider your interests, aptitudes, and future goals when making your decision.

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Can I pursue a BS program after completing my intermediate studies?

Absolutely! In fact, pursuing a BS program after intermediate studies is a common pathway for higher education in Pakistan.

Are these BS programs recognized by universities in Pakistan?

Yes, all the mentioned BS programs are offered by reputable universities in Pakistan and are recognized by relevant educational authorities.

Can I switch my major during my BS studies?

In most cases, universities allow students to switch their majors during their BS studies, provided they meet the necessary requirements and criteria.

Are there scholarships available for BS programs in Pakistan?

Yes, many universities and organizations offer scholarships for deserving students pursuing BS programs. It’s advisable to explore scholarship opportunities and eligibility criteria.

How can I apply for a BS program in Pakistan?

The application process may vary from university to university. Generally, you need to fill out an application form, submit required documents, and appear for any required admission tests or interviews. Check the respective university’s website for specific application guidelines

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