Scope of Software Engineering in Pakistan

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Scope of Software Engineering in Pakistan

Software engineering is not included in Engineering. It is a subcategory of Computer Science. In software Engineering, we study how different Software is made, how mobile apps are made, and how different designs of software are made and maintained for further use. In this article, we will discuss what is Software Engineering, its scope, eligibility criteria, which universities of Pakistan are best for Software Engineering and what is the future of a Software Engineer.

What is Software Engineering?

The plan, advancement, testing, and upkeep of programming frameworks are parts of computer programming. Software solutions that are dependable, effective, and scalable require the application of engineering principles and practices. Software engineering encompasses a variety of activities and procedures throughout the software development lifecycle.

Scope of Software Engineering

Throughout its history, Pakistan’s information technology (IT) sector has experienced significant expansion. Through drives and approaches that have drawn in ventures from both homegrown and global sources, the public authority has attempted to advance the IT business. Software engineers are in high demand across a variety of sectors as a result of this expansion.

Pakistan’s interest in programming experts has expanded because of mechanical progressions and the digitization of an ever-increasing number of things. To create, upgrade, and keep up with their product frameworks, organizations are effectively looking for gifted programmers.

Numerous successful software and technology startups have emerged in Pakistan’s vibrant startup ecosystem. Utilizing their technical abilities and originality, software engineers can join cutting-edge startups or even start their businesses.

Pakistan is well-known for its pool of skilled software engineers, many of whom provide global clients with outsourcing services. Pakistani software engineers can work from home and collaborate with international clients through marketplaces and freelancing platforms, which can be financially rewarding.

Software engineers in Pakistan can look into employment opportunities with international companies while working remotely from Pakistan because of the growing trend toward remote work around the world. This opens up a more extensive work market and permits programmers to work with worldwide groups and gain openness to different undertakings.

New technologies are constantly being developed in the software engineering field, which is constantly evolving. Cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cybersecurity are likely to grow in Pakistan. Programmers with aptitude around there will have various chances to add to state-of-the-art projects.

Eligibility Criteria

To get admission in Software Engineering in Pakistan you have to complete 12 years of education in physics and mathematics or A-level education. This is the basic requirement of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. If you get at least 50% marks in the mentioned studies you can consider yourself to get admission to an institute to study Software Engineering. 

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Best Universities for Software Engineering in Pakistan

Here are the details of the best universities for Software Engineering in Pakistan.

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Islamabad

NUST University is at the top for software engineering. It offers 4 years degree program of BS SE. If you want to secure admission to NUST University you should have 90%+ marks in your intermediate or equivalent degree and 140+ marks in the relevant test. There are limited seats for Software Engineering round about 90 seats are there.

If we talk about the fee structure of NUST, its charges are Rs. 124,200/ Semester.


COMSATS is one of the best universities for its 4 years degree program in BS SE. Students must have secured 50% marks in intermediate and 50% marks in the relevant field to get admission to COMSATS. There is a fee of Rs. 128,000/ Semester. If we compare the merit aggregate of government universities with private universities, the merit of Government universities is mostly high as compared to government universities but if we talk about fee structure, the fee of private universities is much high.


University of Engineering and Technology Taxila is another best university for a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering. It is located in Taxila, near Rawalpindi. To get admission to this university you must have 50% marks in Intermediate, 33% marks in ECAT, and 17% marks in SSC.

Jobs for Software Engineers in Pakistan

Here are opportunities for Software Engineers

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Man-made intelligence engineers work in creating and executing computerized reasoning and AI calculations. Computer vision, robotics, autonomous systems, and natural language processing are some of the fields in which they work.

Cybersecurity Specialist

The need for experts in network safety grows in tandem with the ever-increasing danger scene. These professionals’ primary focus is on software systems, networks, and data cybersecurity. They respond to security incidents, develop and implement security measures, and conduct risk assessments. The image shown below is related to cybersecurity Specialist.

Software Developer/Engineer

This position frequently requires software engineers to develop, implement, and design software applications. Software developers use programming languages, frameworks, and tools for both front-end and back-end development.

Cloud Engineer

The delivery of software and services has been completely transformed by cloud computing. The design, implementation, and administration of cloud-based services and infrastructure are the areas of specialization of cloud engineers. They work with stages, for example, Amazon Web Administrations, Microsoft Purplish Blue, and Google Cloud Stage.

Mobile App Developer

There is a lot of demand for mobile application development. Programming applications for the iOS and Android stages are the focal point of versatile application engineers. Their user-friendly interfaces incorporate a variety of functions and features.

Full-Stack Developer

Full-stack designers are adept at advancement in both the front-end and back end. They can oversee both the UI and the server-side parts of complete programming projects. They are capable of various data sets, systems, and programming dialects.

DevOps Engineer

Engineers in DevOps bridge the gap between teams working on development and operations. Automation of software development, deployment, and infrastructure management is their primary focus. Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) and dependable software delivery are all ensured by DevOps engineers.

Data Scientist

Data scientists are in high demand because of the growing significance of data-driven decision making. Real evaluation, Data mining, and computer-based intelligence are the methods they use to safeguard information from massive datasets. Information researchers manage prescient displaying, information representation, and information driven business procedures.

Project Manger

Software engineering skills combined with project management expertise open up opportunities as project managers. They oversee software development projects, coordinate team members, manage budgets and timelines, and ensure successful project delivery.


In Pakistan, a person having a Software Engineering degree usually earns from 50-60,000/Month. If you have a good academic record you can get up to RS. 150, 000 easily every month. Salary depends on the organization in which you are doing your job.


The extent of computer programming in Pakistan is brilliant, extending to a plenty of open positions, pioneering possibilities, and roads for proficient development. Software engineers in Pakistan have the potential to embark on a rewarding career path in this rapidly evolving field with the appropriate skills, knowledge, and proactive approach.

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